Jonathan Pulling
8909 17th Ave Ne, Seattle, Wa. 98115
Primary Phone: (206)853-8073 (Cell)
email: jonathanpulling@yahoo.com
www.vimeo.com/adhocmedia - Demo Reel


Through the use of my highly creative skill set and artistic vision in video editing, video and music production, and directing and filming, I seek the opportunity, to benefit the company in both external and internal social perception and financial status. My goal is to reach this success through either internet production, television media, or other commercial media markets, or a combination of all.

QUALIFICATIONS - Video & Audio :

2002 – Current:   Video creation covering a wide variety of genres for both personal interest and freelance purposes. Fishing, Weddings, Snowboarding and Snowmobiling, Skateboarding, Misc Adventures and Adhoc Filming

2003 – Current:   Owner and Head Producer of Oneshot Production's (OSP) - www.oneshotproduction.net, other responsibilities include video editing, directing, and cinematography. OSP is a home grown venture that I created and developed. Since our creation in 2003 we have expanded in our web fan base and we continue to grow.

2005 – 2012:  OSP has featured 4 full length action sport movies over the years at theatres and venues around Seattle. Baltardz 2005 – All Filler no Killer 2007 - Depends ON Conditions 2008 – Corndog Diaries 2009

2003 – Current:  OSP continues to produce and post via the internet, bi-weekly and/or bi-monthly webisode videos during the winter snow season, which can be found on the Vimeo channel and the YouTube channel. Through experience, education and progression we continue to improve our work and final product.

Youtube Channel

Vimeo  Channel

Film Achievements:

2007:  Earned First Place in the Portland Action Sports Film Festival. OSP was honored at the Mountain Dew Fest in Portland, Oregon. The 2007 film was publicly aired on a jumbotron screen during the sport competition.

Earned Second Place in the Portland Action Sports Film Festival

1990 - 1991: Freelance Sound Engineer and In-studio Camera Switch Board Operator for Journey TV on TCI Cable TV in Seattle.

2010: Sound Engineering for "Journey Radio" on KXPA 1540am in Seattle. 

2000 – 2012:  Web and Internet Development for my own musIc and video sites as well as some freelance design work on the side. Personal sites include  Oneshot Productions &  Space Rock

1987 – Current: Musician and Sound and Recording Engineer – playing guitar, drums, bass, keys, and vocals. Recording with a variety of software and analog equipment over the years..


Graphics Design and Image Edit:
- Macromedia Fireworks
- Adobe Photoshop
- Gimp
- ms paint

Video Production and Sound Engineering:
- Sony Vegas Pro 4, 6, 8 and 10 (main video edit & audio recording)
- Sony Sound Forge
- Audacity
- Various compression and decompression tools
- Adobe After Effects (some motion titles and graphics)

Web Site Creation:
- NotePad
- Web Expression 2
- WordPress Blog software
- I host and own several websites.

Day to Day Office Experience Tools:
- Excel
- Word
- Notepad
- Product Studio
- Team Foundation Sever
- sharepoint
- outlook

- Jonathan Pulling - www.AdhocMediaINC.com